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Charlotte sets new strategy for aiding small businesses

After a Charlotte bank laid off Dianna Ward last year, she decided to open her own business as a local tour guide.

Charlotte NC Tours offers great Segway rentals and local tours

Charlotte NC Tours will make any visit to Charlotte more fun. Those interested in short tours or long tours won't be disappointed.

Charlotte NC Tours @ Time Warner Cable's Connect a Million Minds

News 14 Carolina's parent company, Time Warner Cable, is putting up $100 million of cash for kids. Company executives say the Connect a Million Minds initiative is a five-year investment to help spur more student interest in math and science subjects.

Charlotte NC Tours - Discussing Growth in South End

The LYNX train may be the light at the end of the tunnel.New businesses are springing up in South Charlotte. They are drawn there by apartments and condos - built near the light rail.

Charlotte NC Tours in Charlotte Business Journal

Dianna Ward's new venture mixes business with pleasure. Ward says after traveling to dozens of cities around the globe in recent years, she decided to leave her career in banking to start Charlotte NC Tours, a business that offers tours of Charlotte and nearby attractions. So far, it's been a satisfying combination.

Charlotte NC Tours - Charlotte Area Bike Alliance

B.I.K.E.S. of Charlotte Mecklenburg was founded in 1997 by Dan Faris, currently CABA Board of Directors Chairperson, Rob Cannon, John Cock and many other advocates.

Charlotte NC Tours - Q-Notes

qnotes is the LGBT arts, entertainment and news publication based in Charlotte, N.C. With a strong and robust presence online at, and a free print circulation of approximately 10,000 distributed every other week, we are the largest and most trusted source of news, politics, opinion, entertainment, art, lifestyle, community events and more for LGBT North Carolinians and South Carolinians.

Charlotte NC Tours - Charlotte Museum of History

Charlotte Neighborhoods is a community-based, design education and advocacy project, centered on an exhibit series that explores Charlotte's neighborhoods, past and present. This exhibit series gives museum visitors and Charlotte-Mecklenburg residents the chance to explore and analyze a deeper recognition of "community" and promote positive social change.

Where Magazine in August, offering a variety of ways to explore the Queen City. In addition to van tours, Segway tours and historic walking tours, it also offers relocation services if you are thinking about moving here and want to get a good feel for the area.

Consumer Stories...The bicycles are coming to you

The Urban Living Showcase is a chance for people who are thinking about living in Charlotte's Uptown or the South End districts to dip their toes in the water and see if it's really for them.

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Dianna Ward has long held two passions - history and cycling. Last month in SouthEnd, just a few steps from the Lynx Bland Street stop on Park Road, she opened a business that combines both.